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Moray’s SNP MSP has welcomed Education Scotland’s positive report following a visit by inspectors to Glenlivet Primary School in March.

Education Scotland’s report praised the leadership of the head teacher, as well as praising the dedicated staff on their contribution to raising attainment and achievement.  The report described the children at Glenlivet Primary as “confident, highly motivated and engaged”.

Richard Lochhead MSP praised the staff at Glenlivet after the report rated all aspects of the school’s performance as ‘very good’.

Commenting, Mr Lochhead said:

“The staff at Glenlivet Primary deserve huge credit for this very positive inspection report. 

“There’s clearly a lot of good work being done by the teachers and staff to ensure the kids have a positive learning environment, which seems to be delivering results in terms of raising attainment and achievement.

“Pupils at Glenlivet are confident, motivated and clearly very keen to learn, which is what every parent wants for their child, and I’ve no doubt that the strong sense of community within the school is a key contributing factor. 

“The whole community will be very proud of what’s being achieved at Glenlivet Primary.”